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Xenical 60 mg in Cotabato

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Thus, a temperature-control device was created using speed control of the fan.


The system consists of the main power supply, which provides an electricity source of 14 Vdc, 21 A to the xenon lamp. At the early stage of the experiment, the arc inside the lamp is generated through a high-voltage trigger of 30-45 kV, after an electric discharge is maintained by a voltage of 125-140 Vdc, produced by the boost-convertor, which is connected to bundles of the 21-A electricity source.

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A state of radiation is therefore maintained through a stable electricity source providing a voltage of 14 Vdc. All these processes are controlled by a comparator and pulse circuit.

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From a user perspective, the main component which controls all sequences is the high power supply, including the stabilizer for the xenon lamp output and optical transmission devices for the final light output.

Light Source and Optical Module Schematic The absorption and excitation wavelengths vary according to each organic tissue stratum and the florescence factor.

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  • The Xenon type source emitting four different wavelength will bring along for swelling of different endogenous and extended fluorophores in diagnostic of treatment using a single device both.
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  • The xenon lamp, which provides the most similar light to the sun, was installed as a light source, and the excitation light wavelength was selected.

    Figure 2 is a schematic of the light source including the xenon lamp, power supply, control processor, and optical module. The coloring rendering index CRI for xenon lamps is typically greater than 95-99, which allows these lamps to very accurately render colors, as compared to daylight.

    These spectrum and balanced light properties are typically independent of lamp power and life when operated within rated power ranges and, since xenon lamps include wavelengths from UV to IR, it is necessary to use IR and UV filters to minimize damage to DNA and membrane.

    A UV block coating is used on the window to filter unwanted UV output, and the typical transmission of a UV-block-coated window is shown in Figure 3 a.

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    If elimination of the IR output of the lamp is required, several options exist, including the use of cold mirrors IR passes through or hot mirrors IR is blocked. The transmission of a typical IR filter is shown in Figure 3 b.

    Optical Transmission Module As shown in Figure 4, the optical transmission component of the light source was developed to enhance the light transmission efficiency.

    The high-power xenon lamp, plano-convex lens, filter wheel, and iris are the main components of this module, which are all aligned and installed in the light tube from the source to the output. Since the conventional fiber optic, made of glass fiber, is easily damaged by heat, it is located slightly more forward than the optimum focus.

    In this study, a fused silica plano-convex lens with a focal length of 50 mm was equipped, and the fiber optic was located at 42 mm. Iris and Controller An iris is used to effectively regulate the light output quantity.

    The light source consists of a excitation light source design that can light guide module including a motorized system with center wavelengths of 450, 530, and 632.

    The minimum and maximum apertures of the inner diameter are 1 and 25 mm, respectively, as shown in Figure 6, and the required diameter is selected by adjusting the iris through 10 increment steps of 5 mm each, from the front panel.

    Figures 23 - 25 show the output characteristics.

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    The iris is installed 80 mm from the xenon lamp and the stainless steel leaves prevent changes in the radiant light of the lamp. Filter Wheel and Controller The exit wavelengths vary based on the substance being examined.

    The filter wheel seen in Figure 7 was developed in order to provide appropriate wavelengths for a given research subject.

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