Neurontin 400 mg in South Melbourne

Neurontin 400 mg in South Melbourne

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Active Ingredients: Gabapentin

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The powder can be ingested, snorted, smoked, or injected. The white, crystalline powder has since become a recreational drug that is typically smoked, snorted, ingested in a capsule, or dissolved in liquid, such as alcohol.

PCP reacts with a variety of receptors in the brain, including NMDA, glutamate, dopamine, opioid, and nicotinic receptors.

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It can cause hallucinations, numbness and loss of motor function, feelings of strength and invincibility, amnesia, hostility, violence, and psychoses similar to schizophrenia, among other effects. Seizures, coma, and death are possible.

Often, users simply eat them as is, but mushrooms can also be added to food or brewed into a tea. During use, it is common to experience side effects like dilated pupils, nausea, and vomiting.

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SALVIA Although salvia is not currently classed as an illicit drug in the United States, it has hallucinogenic properties and is used as a recreational drug.

Native to a specific region of Mexico, salvia is a plant in the mint family that contains opioid-like compounds.

Leaves can be brewed as a tea, but many users simply chew or smoke the leaves. It takes only a few minutes for the drug to take effect, producing changes in mood, emotions, and sensory perception, particularly sight and touch.

Little research has been conducted on the potential long-term effects of salvia. StreetRx necessarily relies on user-submitted information; data should be interpreted accordingly.

All submissions are anonymous.

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